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About Us

The Ranch was originally owned and managed by a Grazing Association incorporating eight individual owners. One of those owners was Alvin Moses. Their holdings extended North to West Mountain, near Cascade and South to Sweet. The Ranch originally ran about 800 head of cattle. Beginning in the 1970s Alvin and his son Roy Moses began to expand their ownership in the association. By the 1990s they had acquired total ownership of the organization. It was a struggle to keep the land together, but through good management they were able to retain the majority of the original assets. Those assets are what now comprises the Lazy R Ranch.

We are grateful for their perseverance and determination in keeping the Ranch together. Many life skills have been taught and demonstrated through their hard work and effort and family and friends have been blessed immensely by the experiences the ranch has provided. Our goal is to share our favorite things about ranch life with you.

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